Monday, 28 April 2014

If Not Now, When?

An interesting inaugural meeting took place tonight in Cathays, Cardiff, entitled "If Not Now, When?" It gathered together a meeting room full of visual artists and creative types from the Cardiff area who shared a very loose commitment to political topics and social issues. The event was organised by artist Shaun Featherstone, I think, though 'Made in Spring' and the G39 Gallery seem to have a hand in this week's events.

Okay, I really should have a clear picture in my mind of the background to the meeting, especially considering I was tasked to write the minutes!! The event was made more memorable by a heavy rain shower that found its way through several holes in the roof. There was also an appearance by possibly the largest bag of potato crisps in the known world.

Topics for discussion included "Is art an effective means of protest?" and "Do art and politics mix?" The tentative suggestion was raised that an Artists Union could be set up for Welsh creative types. At the very least, a Facebook page will be created (by a graphic designer no less, so expect to be impressed).

Well, it was great to meet (and listen to) such a thoughtful and talented bunch of creative people. I hope something comes of it (another meeting is planned) though my head tells me the task of organising artists will be as successful as herding cats!!