Friday, 23 December 2011

Neice paintings but erm, ne-phew and far between

At last a few paintings to show for 2011. I think these are the first I've ever painted using photographs as a source. They turned out surprisingly well, if I do say so myself!

These are portraits of my neices and nephew. They live overseas so I couldn't ask them for a personal sitting but, in any case, I doubt they'd sit still for long enough.

I've always liked the technique of using the background colour of the canvas to show through as part of the finished scheme. In these instances I deliberately chose a strong colour and painted the subject with relative colour hues. The green background, admittedly, was a bit of a challenge but Alfi, my neice, is a bit of an extrovert character so I'm sure she'll take it in good spirit!

All three are acrylic paint on canvas, 150x150mm.