Friday, 27 May 2011

Rich pickings in Shoreditch

A quick foray into Shoreditch this afternoon. Mike wasn't at Black Rat, but his grandly titled 'Four Cities' exhibition was a mini treat, showing works by Swoon, Shepard Fairey, Os Gemeos and Banksy. The Banksy's of course were crisp and pithy but I really quite liked Shepard Fairey's stuff. He had painted and printed (generally in red) on top of a patterned collage of text, all with soft political overtones. My favorite was entitled "Kiss Me Deadly", of a large lipstick shaped like a missile.

After 20 minutes the rain eased, Mike still hadn't returned from his errand, so I headed off to the White Cube. Here was another unexpected treat, an exhibition of work by Friedrich Kunath. The White Cube had in fact become a Black Cube and the paintings on the walls had splashes of flourescent paint which glowed in the spotlights. Kunath's epic paintings were incredibly rich, with loads of colour and deft drawing. Overall (with the help of Beach Boys music) the exhibition became a surreal dreamscape, surprisingly compelling. Above all Kunath was clearly a fine draftsman and his vast line drawings were exquisite!

Walking back towards Liverpool Street in another major downpour, I passed a massive piece of street artwhich looked very much like the lino prints of 'Swoon'. presumably she made her name using the streets as her canvas, so it's not beyond belief that this was by her. Extremely artful and sketchy, unlike the normal throw-ups!

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