Thursday, 29 May 2014

Portrait of a Diary as a Young Idea

Wow, four blog posts in one month! It's been a busy "arty" four weeks, including a pleasant overseas holiday followed by several days of creative events in Cardiff, culminating in a visit to the Chapter Art Car Bootique on Sunday 25th May.

Back to earth with a bump, I've tasked myself to keep an Artist's Diary. Using visual media to chart my feelings, thoughts and state of mind, I'm aiming to create one piece of work per day. I've set myself ground rules, which include:

* creating the work at a similar time of day (early evening)
* with a time limit of approxiately 1 hour.
* using my paints/pens and readily available materials (includes a small number of pre-made canvases)
* each portrait is to be in square format.
* only one 'take', no second chances

The start date was Sunday 25th May. I'm hoping I can sustain it until the opening night of the Cardiff School of Art and Design (CSAD) degree show on 7th June - this will be the final degree show at the Howard Gardens campus, a historic time, after which the university is closing its 48 year old buildings (and no doubt demolishing them).

Time-specific art appeals to my sensibilities. If nothing else it annoys the traditionalists who believe art should be timeless. I've a long interest in historical records, having been actively interested in local and family history since my teens. In addition, I volunteer with a mental health charity and have an interest in the use of art as a therapy, an exploration of inner thoughts. People with a mental illness are sometimes encouraged to record a 'mood diary' and, as everyone should be reminded, we all have 'mental health' of varying quality.

Only ...erm ...time will tell whether this experiment sustains itself and produces interesting results...

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